Everything you would like to know about our  Products and Services.


Classic Polish

This is traditional nail polish, which is similar to what you can buy in a retail shop. However in addition to the polish we also use a base and top coat which gives an even beautiful finish. This does require a little bit of time to dry but is perfect for someone who is wanting to pretty up their nails or for a special occasion. This product, much like other consumer polishes doesn’t have the hard wearing properties that SNS, Shellac or Bio sculpture have, but is designed for those whom like to change their colours frequently. Its also the product of choice we use for children as it come off easily with any nail polish remover.

Shellac Polish

This is a resin polish that gives a hard non chip finish and dries within seconds under an led “not uv” light. This is a good alternative, for those whom want to have a rest from acrylics / SNS nails, but like to have a durable long lasting finish. Always remember, non chip products such as this use need to be soaked off, if you pick at them as they come off they tend to also take a thin layer of nail with them.


This is one of the most popular types of nail treatments. What this uses is a gel based glue, which is applied to the nail, after which the nail is dipped into a coloured powder. This process allows for so many different combinations of colours and once done gives a hard wearing surface. To remove it requires the SNS colour to be sanded and the nail to then be placed in Acertone.

Bio Sculpture

This treatment has been around for a number of years and is the choice of singers such as Beyonce and Aria Grade. This is an organic alternative which also gives a hard wearing finish.


This is where we use an Acrylic forms full set is where we build a nail from scratch. Unlike tips these are sculpted and blend into the natural nail.


This is a treatment for hands or feet. This treatment involves immersing the hands or feet in a warm paraffin wax. This is a great treatment for dry or cracked soles or for those looking to improve the softness of their skin. The treatment is fast acting and has the added benefit of helping ease joint pain and improving blood flow. 

To get the most out of this treatment, we don’t apply a polish to the nails to allow the oils from the wax time to penetrate in so that our clients get the best results from this treatment.  


Intensive. Typically you will see this mentioned with some of our manicure and pedicure treatments.  With an intensive treatment in addition to the service we also provide exfoliation via a scrub and mask and then a final moisturizer. This is designed to treat cracked or dead skin and over time restore the look of silky smooth soft skin

Drill. This is actually an electric sanding device that allows a technician to  buff and sand a nail smooth. 

File & Polish. The file and Polish service primarily focuses on filing down a nail in preparation for the nail treatment of your choice.

Manicure. A manicure differs from a file and polish as attention is also paid to the cuticles where they are pushed back, files and trimmed if needed.  Once done this allows polish to be applied all the way to the edge thereby making the nail look bigger.

Pedicure file and polish only. This foot treatment is where only the nail themselves receive a trim, file to shape and polish.

Pedicure. In addition to treating the cuticles attention is also paid to the sole and heels. After a brief footsoak, dead skin is scrubbed away with a sanding paddle.

Pedicure intensive In addition to treating cuticles and attention to soles and heels, this service also does a complete exfoliation of the foot and uses a mask to remove all dead skin. The result is a silky finish and less cracked or dead skin around the foot.

Mini Mani. This is a treatment for children between the ages of 3 to 12. This treatment involves filing the nails, uses classic polish and does not clean the cuticles as children at this age have very sensitive cuticles.     

Speed Spray Tan. We use St Tropez tanning solution with a purpose built spray gun that give an all over natural looking tan. For best results we recommend that our clients thoroughly exfoliate their skin become coming in and do not moisturize as some moisturizers tend to block the tanning solution from soaking into the skin for that all over tan.